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love notes

- Chelsea

“Shooting with Jen was not only super comfortable and fun but the photos were everything! I do photoshoots regularly and hers are some of my very favourites! I can’t wait to shoot with her in the future, so worth it!." 

"The photos were everything!"

- Jesil

"Your bubbly personality makes it so easy for me to be myself in front of a camera! you make every shoot a blast! You are extremely creative and you take pride and passion in every piece of work you have done in the past. Shooting with a photographer who works extremely hard, makes photo shoots so much more enjoyable! I highly recommend Jen if you ever need any pictures taken! she is extremely flexible!"

"You take pride and passion in every piece of work."

- Marley

"Jen is by far the biggest people person you will meet! She makes the whole experience effortless and makes you feel so confident and comfortable while taking your pictures. Her work turns out exactly how you please and she is extremely efficient with getting photos back and staying in touch throughout the entire process of booking to shoot! I can't say enough good things about working with her!" 

"She makes the whole experience effortless..."

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